Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post Graduation - Day 21

Howdy Internet.  Bet you thought I had completely abandoned you.  Well, I almost did, it's just been a little nutso around here.  My weekends have been reserved only for my husband these days, which pretty much stops the productivity in my life for that time and keeps me on my toes to catch up the rest of the week.  Such is the life of a commuter couple.

Most recently I did get a day off from work for Good Friday and we drove up to New York City to visit our music family.  There are only a few people for whom I'd visit and spend my day singing a nearly two-hour mass, haha.  It was a nice time, never long enough, but the drive up was pretty brutal.  Good 'ol New Jersey traffic.

Saturday was simply the best.  Errands followed by egg dying and visiting with my Mom, then baking and decorating Easter desserts for the rest of the day.  A little sample of the fruits of our labors!

Minion Egg!

Chocolate Covered Peeps

Sprinkles, sprinkles, and more sprinkles

Cake Pops
The cake pops were the biggest hit!  They taste kind of like petite fours, I might need to use this recipe for all family gatherings from now on.  I got the recipe from and it was delicious.  We had so much fun decorating these.  Great idea for an at home date too.

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