Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 0 - Day 3

The time after Halloween and before Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love the crisp feel of the air as fall takes over for summer, the beautiful leaves changing colors, and the smell of winter with a hint of smokey bonfires and frosty dirt.  Where I now live, on my walk back from the train, I get the most beautiful views of foliage that I never got living in New York City.  You never really got that country fall smell either.  Somehow, Fall in NYC is still amazing, just different.

Here in the 'burbs I feel just like a kid again with the feels and smells I grew up with all around me.  This time of year is wonderful also because of the anticipation building up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Not to say that I approve of all the over zealous Christmas marketing in NOVEMBER, but there's a certain something in the air that you don't get the rest of the year.  Christmas and Thanksgiving seem to make the coming of Winter more bearable, cozy not cold.

This time of year is tricky with the emphasis of family and holiday spirit, it's a tough time to be alone, for anyone.  Luckily, I am no where near completely alone and I have the wonderful support and kindness of my family, my in-law family, and friends to keep me company.  There's something about an empty house during this time of year that is especially depressing.  Of course Ebeneezer Scrooge hated Christmas, it's hard when you're all alone.  Therefore, I plan to keep my spirits up, and enjoy as much wonderful holiday stuff as I can.  Even if it's not 100% with my husband.

I was lucky enough to get a phone call from my husband yesterday when I was out to dinner and he sounds a little nervous but he said he was feeling much more confident today.  He's adjusting to the new order and the way that all of the soldiers are responsible for each other.  He had his physicals, dental and eye also, apparently he's more blind in his right eye, haha.  He also got his uniform clothing, shirts, boots, etc.  He's waking up and 4:30 am and working on drill formations.  He hasn't gotten his official unit information yet, probably next week.

So here is my Christmas bucket list that I hope to accomplish:

1) Get a Christmas Tree
2) Decorate mantel shelf
3) Go see the Nutcracker Ballet
4) Attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
5) See the Macy's Center Light Show and the Comcast Holiday Spectacular
6) Visit the Holiday Garden Railway at Morris Arboretum
7) See A Christmas Carol at Walnut Street Theater (I bought tickets for us 12/21, shh don't tell him it's a surprise!!)
8) Make a Christmas ornament wreath
9) Sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate
10) Sing Christmas Carols
11) Volunteer and donate
12) Finish my Christmas shopping/wrapping before Adam gets home

 I will probably add to this list as things get checked off (hopefully), but what is on your Christmas Bucket list this year?  Is there anything important I'm missing?

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