Monday, July 18, 2016

Postpartum Day 90

10 Things You Need in Your Hospital Bag

Don't forget these things and make sure your bags are packed by week 32, you never know when you will be running to the hospital!

1. Nursing Bra

This item is needed on the assumption that you are breastfeeding. Now, I subscribe to the "breast is best" mantra if you are medically able to breastfeed but I know not everyone is able/willing and I would be a bad feminist if I judged anyone for using formula. So. If you are choosing or considering breastfeeding bring a nursing bra, your boobs will be big and full and the support is good when you're getting going with breastfeeding. You don't want to be fumbling with bra straps. Get professionally measured around your eighth month and then again after your milk supply stabilizes.

2. Nursing Pads

See above. Now I brought fabric pads and disposable and I recommend, for those first days, to use fabric nursing pads. Your nipples will be sore and I found relief in the fabric pads. I also recommend bringing these for relief as well. If you have a Health Spending Account, use that to purchase these, any breastfeeding supplies are covered.

3. Fuzzy Socks

Hospitals get cold. Warm feet make everyone happier. Bring some fun, fuzzy socks with grippy bottoms so you don't slide around during contractions. Bring a pair for your husband too!

4. Camera

Don't forget it! And the charger!

5. Towel

I did not bring this and I regret it. The shower in the hospital stank and the towels were worse; they barely cover you and were knarly. After childbirth you are sore and fragile everywhere. And if you breastfeed your nipples will feed awful. You want a nice warm fuzzy familiar towel wrapped around you after that first... dun dun dun... shower of doom! Haha, it's not that bad but it's nice not to have your bum hanging out.

6. Dry Shampoo

I thought I'd feel like washing my hair. I did not. Especially in that shower. So, invest in a good dry shampoo, like this one. I loved the Living Proof dry shampoo, it smells great and my hair did feel cleaner.

7. Surprise for Spouse
This is optional but after all the steps taken to get to your baby, your husband/wife has probably gone above and beyond for you in many ways. Granted, you were growing a person inside you but it can be just as hard for your spouse. So, what's a better thank you than surprising them with a little token of your appreciation.  In my case, I got my husband a cool t-shirt. He LOVED it and wore it the whole time we were in the hospital.

8. Snacks

Mostly for your husband, but also to supplement hospital meals.  Nice to have something yummy after labor.

9. Nursing PJs

I also did not bring these and I regret it, the hospital gown got old after awhile and wasn't great for when I had visitors.  Find something comfortable, soft, and roomy.

10. Extra bag

We brought home a ton of diapers and other odds and ends that the hospital provided for us so make sure you have a way to carry them home!

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