Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 0 - Day 5

Some updates from my soldier!  Of course, I MISSED his call yesterday!!!  Major, major sad face.  I must have read every existing army wife/spouse/girlfriend blog on the planet and all of them warned me to keep my phone on me, on the loud ringer, at all times, in case you get a phone call.  The 90 minutes I was in getting a much needed massage, he called me right at the tail end, so in theory, if I had heard my phone, I definitely would have answered, despite the lavender, drugged state I was in.

Sidebar, if any of you are looking for a good Christmas present for me, I would love a lavender scented microwavable heating pad.  I had one over my shoulders while waiting for my massage yesterday and it was heavenly.  I highly recommend it.

So I missed the phone call, but I got an extra long text with some new details.  He says that I should book his Christmas vacation transportation soon (which I sort of already knew and was told to wait by him and now airfare is all jacked up, but whatever) as well as a "bus" from the Fort to the airport.  Not sure how that's going to happen, although I'm tempted to get him a limo... anyone want to go in with me to get him a limo?

He gave me the details of his pay, and told me that because he is a higher rank than most of his peers (he's E4), he's getting more responsibility and respect.  I'm so happy he is getting leadership experience and thriving with it.  Those of you who know my husband know that he tends to be more of a follower than a leader, however, he has the ability to command attention and command a room so his potential to lead is very great.  With being a leader comes the fear of failing and making mistakes which is a big one for him so I am so thrilled that this experience will give him some positive growing points and help him conquer some of those fears.

I was also told that he would have more time to talk since he started official basic training TODAY!  So yay for more phone calls.

On the home front, my house is getting messy.  I always appreciated how he would be home to help with general apartment upkeep, but I'm really appreciating it now.  The downside of trying to have a life (which I feel like I've been doing well so far) is I'm never home.  As it is, my weekend is almost completely booked up.

Here's how I am doing with my lists:

1)      Work out, work out!!
So far I am really sucking at this.  There is a yoga class today at 12 pm.  I will make an effort to do this today.
2)      Write to Adam every day
Four letters down... waiting for an address to send them all, I will let those of you know if you want to send him something.
3)      Learn one new aria
0% complete
4)      Audition for local community theater
There are auditions coming up in Chesnut Hill for some straight theater also I submitted for two local auditions via e-mail.
5)      Lose 8 lbs.
I'm going with too early to tell.
6)      Finish decorating the apartment
Yesterday, a wedding photo I had blown up was delivered so I'm on my way...
7)      Reorganize
8)      Finish sorting thru wedding stuff
9)      Complete Christmas Bucket List
 No updates
10)   Finish EMS Continuing Credits
Completed another credit course yesterday.  4.5 down 19.5 to go...
11)    Finish designing this blog

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