Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 12 - Day 3

I would like to thank the snow yesterday for tipping me over the edge to not going to my acting class.  I'd also like to thank my sore left side which after yesterday was sore enough to give me pause.  Grrr, I hate feeling like I'm not at 100%.  I'm not the kind of person who is good at taking things slowly and being patient.  I'm the girl who clips her hip on the side of the doorway when walking through because I was probably in a rush.  That's me.  This whole healing thing isn't working for me.  I still forget in the morning and try to do my normal cat stretch in bed and my left side screams in protest.  I need to give it time...

In other news, I did go to my post-op check up on Monday and the scar looks SO GREAT!  Gotta love plastics guys, they don't leave much evidence that they were there (no I didn't get a boob job).  In the interest of education, I had a benign lipoma removed from my left breast.  Public service announcement, do self breast exams, even if you find something benign it's good to know yourself.  I've had this for a few years and since it got bigger it was time to take it out.  My biggest concern was scarring and so far everything is looking good.  So that's that with the "boob job" jokes for now.

I also went to the doctor on Tuesday, different doctor, I am really starting to sound like a hypochondriac.  This doc is for my guts n glory.  Everything seems to be doing better except I have to get this test that almost no one does and I'm having trouble finding a place to do it.  Another life irritation.

I'm also starting the Dukan Diet today.  This has really worked for me in the past to shed some pesky pounds and since my guts have healed I've gained an extra 5 lbs that I really don't want to see.  The first two days of this diet I can only eat protein pretty much so it's a tough start.  I'm determined though.

But the biggest news is that in ONE WEEK I WILL BE WITH MY HUSBAND!!  I will be walking around my husband's "campus" seeing his world and I can't wait!!!  I can't wait to hug him, and hold his hand, and see his (according to him) "fit body," and his army uniform!  I can't wait to hear his voice and tell him in person how proud I am.  We've both been so strong (army strong) during this separation and I think we've earned it.

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