Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 0 - Day 2

Today is the second day since my husband of almost 2 months shipped out for basic training with the US Army.  My husband is in his mid-thirties, an amazing singer, and is doing this so he can sing for a living with the army chorus.  It's a fantastic opportunity, marred only by a period of absence during our newlywed period.

I really wanted to not only document the experience, to have something for him to read in addition to the letters I sent him, but also as a way to hold myself accountable to continuing to live my life and have my own basic training.  I'm not going to just sit here and wait for him, he wouldn't want that.  I'm going to set some goals, have some adventures, so he will be coming back to an even stronger wife.

My husband will be gone for 5 weeks, have a 2 week break for the holidays, and be off again for another 5 weeks.

So far I have set for myself these goals for phase 1 of his basic training:

1)      Work out, work out!!
2)      Write to Adam every day
3)      Learn one new aria
4)      Audition for local community theater
5)      Lose 8 lbs.
6)      Finish decorating the apartment
7)      Reorganize
8)      Finish sorting thru wedding stuff
9)      Complete Christmas Bucket List
10)   Finish EMS Continuing Credits
11)    Finish designing this blog

As you can see, this blog is pretty rough right now.  I'm working on it, I'm trying to come up with a cool design.  So far this is what I've got, what do you think?

©2013 The Barmy Wife

Yes, that's clipart and WordArt.  Yes it's VERY rough right now, but I like the general gist.  Me as the crazy, bouquet throwing bride, but I think I should have more stuff in the air, because we wives tend to have more than a bouquet flying around in the air.

I'm counting on you, Internet, for your company, advice, support, and keeping me honest as I start this new journey along side my incredible husband!

Goals Achieved Today:

Wrote 2 letters to Adam
Walked 1 mile today

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