Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 8 - Day 4

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to get back to part of the reason I started this blog, to hold myself accountable for achieving a few goals while my husband is working on his own at Basic Training.  And these were the goals I had wanted to accomplish during his first phase of training:

1)      Work out, work out!!
2)      Write to Adam every day
3)      Learn one new aria
4)      Audition for local community theater
5)      Lose 8 lbs.
6)      Finish decorating the apartment
7)      Reorganize
8)      Finish sorting through wedding stuff
9)      Complete Christmas Bucket List
10)   Finish EMS Continuing Credits
11)    Finish designing this blog

I actually did lose the weight that I wanted to lose but I gained most of it back so it's not really counted as a fulfilled goal, plus, while I occasionally worked out, I don't believe I reached my goal.  So, 7/11 isn't too terrible is it?  I felt very busy and fulfilled during the first phase of his training, now I need to reboot and set some new goals for myself.

1) Work out, 2.0

I am going to make this more achievable and set some weekly goals for myself regarding exercise.

2) Lose 8 lbs

Most of this will involve keeping with the exercise and improving my diet a little bit.  More to come on this.

3) Audition for local community theater

While I may have blown off one or two auditions last year, I think part of the problem was finding something that I really wanted to do.  I did audition for my choir which I was accepted in but I definitely need to find some theater to do.

4) Get re-certified for CPR

This is a little short term but I need to get this done and I need to be accountable for it.  I'm schedule for a class on 3/12.

5) Do something new every week

Pretty self explanatory, I will try to keep it interesting I promise!

6) Finish book about Grandmother

Several years ago I bought this book for my Mom's mother.  She is an amazing woman with an amazing life and I thought it would be fun and historically necessary to interview her and write this book for her and our family.  Note, this was purchased... oh boy I just checked my e-mails, FOUR years ago.  Part of the problem was I used to live far away so getting together was difficult to complete this task.  Also, the original version of this book was destroyed in hurricane Sandy, it was sitting in my car that got flooded, so that was a bit of a set-back.  Now. I have ZERO excuse not to finish this.  Time is a precious thing when it comes to grandparents, and I am going to try and finish this before my solider returns.  Procrastinators need deadlines.  They may not complete the task before the deadline, or even by the deadline, but it will get done.

That's all I have so far, I'm planning on coming up with more goals.  Do you have any suggestions?  What are some goals you have for yourself?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 8 - Day 2

What a weekend!  I have been MIA only out of sheer busyness, not curled up in a fetal position on my couch.  The entire weekend, including Friday was all about preparing for a concert with my choir on Sunday.  It is so nice to be back in the music world.

Friday was sort of sad in a way.  I had to go to the mall to get my "uniform" for Sunday: a long black skirt, a plain "fancy" black top, and black shoes that might be comfortable standing for several hours.  It's not fun to go to the mall when you're buying something you don't really want.  It does, however, make for a very efficient shopping excursion.  Plus, the trick becomes, buying things that, while you do need them, you may consider using them at other times.  It was a successful trip and I'm actually wearing the shoes I bought for the third day in a row because they're really cute.  But, it's painful for me to pass buy so many beautiful, colorful clothes.

Saturday, if you recall was a GORGEOUS day... that I spent cooped up in a day long rehearsal.  We rehearsed in this lovely old church nearby a big square park.  Walking to rehearsal we passed this park filled with farmer's market vendors, honey, eggs, produce, so many delicious foods.  It reminded me of living in NYC again and it gave me some pangs.  Being "single" these days has really made me miss being in NYC.  As much as I love Philly, it's just... not NYC.  I miss the walkable, ease, and accessibility of things to do.  The biggest problem with NYC is I'd have no money left living there and finding a nice place to live that doesn't feel like a closet almost ruins the whole experience.  I am missing parts of my life when I was living on the UWS.  That was the best place I've ever lived... minus the psycho roommate, lack of space, and barely being able to make rent.

I also spoke with my husband on Saturday.  The last phone call before radio silence.  He seemed overwhelmed and sleep deprived but determined.  I tried to keep his spirits up, it's so hard, I miss him too.  The poor guy had to completed his entire riflery requirements in a weekend in order to catch up to his new unit.  He did catch up though and he's back on track.  Again, if anyone out there wants his new unit address let me know.  He needs all the love and encouragement we can give him.

The concert on Sunday went really well.  Some of the music is very difficult in the sense that it's a lot of long, high quiet notes and it's not always the most engaging.  However, the result is something so musical.  One of the pieces we sang was a Haydn Mass and that was so much fun to sing.  I am also the luckiest girl in the world, because even though my husband wasn't able to hear my debut with this group, my parents and their significant others all made it out to support me, showering me with love, flowers, and taking me out to dinner to celebrate.  I felt so loved.  I have the best family on Earth.

Yesterday, which should have been an icky Monday was an amazing day... well, after work of course.  I spent the evening with my grandparents having dinner, talking, laughing.  I just feel so lucky that I'm able to drive over to their house after work and have a weeknight dinner with them.  That's something I never had living in NYC and I'm so grateful for it now.  It's a good week so far.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 7 - Day 3

I'm dubbing this Wednesday and maybe every other Wednesday depending on my mood as Grumpday.  In lieu of Humpday.  I'm just....eowifhserfjlk today and I just feel like we've gotten to that special place where I can confide in you.

On this fine Grumpday, I am grumpy about traffic and people in this traffic.  I drove to work this morning, actually it's been more frequently lately because I've had doctor's appointments and rehearsals that make taking public transport difficult.  So I drive.

And on this seemingly auspicious day, it took me an extra 20 minutes to stop and get coffee this morning.  The Wawa I go to requires I make a left turn which is always really packed.  No worries, I went, I waited, I was patiently listening to my favorite radio show, and I made it there in one piece.  This particular Wawa parking lot, suffice to say was not designed by an engineer.  It's so clumsy and cramped and very difficult to maneuver during rush hour times.

Low and behold, I found an empty parking space right in the front and as I sped towards it, my heart filled with hope, I see an open car door spot-blocking me.  Okay, surely this person was just getting out of their car, mindfully aware someone was trying to park in the spot next to them.  Wrong.  A young-ish woman getting out, head cocked to the side, trying to walk in a straight line (and failing) balancing a smart phone between her shoulder and ear, talking into it loudly.  Talking on it, completely unaware and uncaring as I patiently waited for her to allow me to park.

Strike one.

I park, speedily grab my own coffee, drink, and breakfast sandwich, all the while hearing her completely insipid conversation which probably could have waited 5 minutes to have.

Strike two

I'm free!  I'm out of the Wawa, perfectly creamed coffee in hand, trying to figure out the best exit strategy.  Another perk of a poorly designed parking lot is a borderline dangerous exit.  Myself and another car are waiting at a light for our turn to go.  Gradually I see the left lane (my lane that I need to turn left and merge left again) piling up with a line of cars.

Green light, the car pulls into the intersection nearly blocking the box.  The middle lane (which is a go straight/turn left lane also) is free, but with that line of cars in the left lane, it doesn't seem safe for me to take that option.  I see a little movement in the left lane so I attempt go only to see my light flash yellow and red.  Shit.  And there is an idiot behind me who also decided to go and is now honking at me to move somewhere.  Except, I can't because I'm almost blocking the intersection.

Since I can't backup because the person behind me is a moron, I am forced to travel the middle lane which puts me in a terrible position to try and get into my lane.  I then see the jerk behind me passing me on the right, because turns out she could have probably gone AROUND ME to get into her lane.  Sure enough, glaring out her window, suddenly not on the phone is my best friend.  The obnoxious, oblivious phone talker.


I am calling on Karma.... please assist.  That is all.  I leave you with a funny meme.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 7 - Day 1

Are we tired of the snow yet?  I'm not!  I love Winter.  I love snow and sledding (when I get the opportunity), and watching ice skating, and hot chocolate, roaring fires, chunky sweaters, and those brief shining moments during the day when I'm not completely overheated.  I like wintertime because of all the wonderful holidays, getting to look forward to Superbowl and all the award shows.  I know most people love summer more that anything, but in the Winter, I love that most bugs are sleeping or dead, pollen is not plaguing my sinuses, humidity is not ruining my hair and skin, and I'm not in a perpetual state of sweaty ick.

Plus, in the summer most of my favorite comfort foods like beef stew, lasagna, mac and cheese, pot roast, all feel too heavy to eat when it's warm outside.  Plus, I hate that my electric bill goes up during the warmer months because I require an Eskimo chilled home.  Not to mention when it does snow, I get SNOW DAYS!  You just don't get that in the summer...

After Valentine's Day the weekend was pretty quiet.  Saturday I had a lot of stuff to catch up on and managed to get all of my outside errands done before we got more snow and wintry mix.  It's always preferred to be safe and cozy in your house watching the snow.

Sunday was much of the same, with slightly less ambition.  The roads were cleared up, luckily, before I went over to my Mom's for some delicious bouillabaisse.  It was supposed to be a "family Sunday dinner" of sorts, but it ended up just being me.  No complaints!

I also got a lot of texts from my husband during the evenings which was so comforting and yet teasing.  He is still in limbo pretty much doing scut work until he gets assigned to a proper unit.  He will (hopefully) get the all clear from the surgeon on Wednesday and hopefully not have to repeat too much of his training since he's been made to wait.  I wish he could have spent this limbo time with me instead of being cooped up.

On this sunny Monday, I'm very much wishing that my company had President's Day off.  However, my drive in to work this morning was delightfully quick.  No traffic.

Flower puppy from my Dad!

My Valentine's Day


My Valentine orchid from my husband

Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 6 - Day 5

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I'm sure many of you have some varied opinions on this holiday, both good and bad.  I would like to share some of my thoughts about why I have always, in times of heartbreak and heart full, enjoyed Valentine's Day.

First and foremost, I truly believe and try to exude the idea that Valentine's Day is a sort of alternate Thanksgiving, only more specific to being thankful for the people in our lives who love us.  I don't mean spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, crushes, exclusively, but also friends, family, mentors, all of those people who you may not share a romantic meal and red roses with, but who are every bit as deserving to know that you love them and they are important in your life.

In today's world where communicating is active yet some how cheapened in it's deliveries, I think Valentine's Day is needed as a reminder to remind those in your life that they make your life meaningful.  That's what all holidays should really be about in mind my.  Celebrating life and love.  In a world where we are all so busy trying to tread water, February 14th should be the day that you call your parents and say you love them, call a friend you haven't spoken to in years and tell them you miss the wonderful times your shared.  Should this behavior be restricted for one day, no, but sometimes our priorities get a little shifted in the chaos in life.  It's nice to have a day to kick start a year of good habits.

Finally, as a girl who won't be spending Valentine's Day with the love of her life, I plan to indulge in a little single girl behavior.  I will be spending the evening cuddled with my blankets, drinking wine, eating chocolates, and watching romantic movies.  I'm not bummed about it, I'm kind of excited.  I celebrated my couples version Valentine's with my husband back in January, and I haven't had a single girl Valentine's day in awhile.  Now anyone single here reading this might be annoyed with me but as someone who is a hopeless romantic, there is something wonderful about fantasizing about your next crush or imaginary romantic interludes with your favorite literary characters.  Valentine's Day for the single girl (or boy) should be a day to dream and maybe a day to be a little bolder about asking out someone you like.

It looks like the "surprise" my husband says he sent was delayed due to weather, but I did enjoy some surprises on the day:

Yummy chocolates
From my Dad!

Wine, chocolates, and Parade's End = Awesome Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 6 - Day 3

I've had an ability since I was a child to wake up from a wonderful dream, shut my eyes, and will myself back in to the fantasy world.  It works, I can get myself back to the dream, but it only usually works once, so if by chance you wake me up after the second attempt, I will be on the wrong side of the bed for the rest of the day.  I've always had a very vivid imagination, especially as a child.  A vivid imagination results in the best daydreams but the worst nightmares.

Two nights ago was the first time in awhile I had such a wonderful dream that I felt compelled to return.  I won't bore you with the details... even though they probably wouldn't bore you at all, but this return resulted in me sleeping until noon!  Sometimes one needs to commit to their fantasy world and let the imagination muscle work out a little bit.  Where am I going with this?  Today, reality disappoints and I allowed myself to retreat into the beautiful imagination.

It's hard to do this for any prolonged period of time during the work week being plagued with so many annoying adult things like, working, doctor appointments, and deciding how early you should leave your rehearsal tonight so you can get groceries before the impending snowpocalypse.

In loyalty to one of the missions of my blog, I will say that I got a text from my husband today, a "secret text."  He still hasn't been cleared by the surgeon, he was supposed to see him/her Monday, and then today, but both times got cancelled.  So, he remains annoyingly in limbo.  I was so pleased for a little dose of happy today in between my adult and imagination moments.

Snow snow snow.  Ugh.  That is all.

Week 6 - Day 2

My morning began... after a frigid walk to the train in teen temperatures... with a perfect cup of coffee.  Perfect temperature, perfect cream to coffee ratio, perfect.  I find Tuesdays worse than Mondays so this was a nice start to the day.

I did something a bit impulsive yesterday, I submitted myself for a musical theater program based in Germany.  I'm now scheduled for an audition.  I really don't know how I get myself in to these things... the best part is the audition is the same day as a long choral rehearsal.  My logic is that after singing for several hours I will be super warmed up.  Oh and I have a concert the next day.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am a crazy girl.

With such a lovely start to the day, it would seem only karmatically appropriate, if you'll excuse the non-word, that the end of my day went critically awry.  My car got stuck in my Mom's driveway.  Yes.  Stuck in a patch of black ice rendering it impossible for me to go to a doctor's appointment.  (I'm vitamin B-12 deficient and have to start getting shots of it, yippee!)  After some rather comedic antics trying to get the car out, we called AAA.

An incredible kind man showed up with his giant tow trucked and towed me out perfectly.  He was so jovial about it and was so genuinely patient.  I was envious at his calm under the situation; his behavior was so contagious that my Mom and I were both smiling at the end of our speed bump.

I want to be more like that guy.  I want to be contagiously kind and patient.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 6 - Day 1

Good day, internet folks.  The husband has trekked back to army life and thus my life as a solo married lady blog personality may continue.  Yay?  Wait, sorry, that was a little lugubrious, let's try that again... YAY!  That level of enthusiasm is so hard to commit to on a Monday morning after my moping weekend.  This has now become a tradition, every time my soldier leaves. and has been on a Friday or Saturday, I have spent the rest of that weekend moping in my own special ways.  Moping includes:

1) Bad food decision, such as eating Nutella out of the jar for dinner
2) Computer/iPad game binges (my new one is Fruit Ninja)
3) Sappy mini series experiences that my husband would never watch (currently watching Parade's End)
4) Bag lady clothing attire
5) Cloistering myself in the apartment (I didn't even leave to get Girl Scout cookies, that was a tough commitment, but I will be attempting this later this month)

So, yeah, I allow myself this kind of anti-social and "poor me" behavior for that duration and then... done.  Not too say that I won't be finishing Parade's End this week, because AH it's so good, highly recommend, but I will space out these activities and with them try to include some healthier lifestyle choices.  Going to work counts as one of those lucky for me!

On this week's agenda, I am going to be spending some girl time with my mom.  I'm excited to spend the first few days of my "alone time" with family.  It helps ease the transition into being alone.

I want to make some new goals for myself in this second phase... we shall see.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Medical Leave - Day 27

Hello? Internet? Yes, I'm still here.  Sorry for the little break, but it doesn't seem very necessary to blog about your husband being away, when he is, in fact, nearby in the next room.  My solider has been on medical leave from basic training after having his appendix removed not three days after leaving for part 2.  The procedure was easy, laparoscopic, no complications, but as a result he has not been able to do a whole lot since returning home. Per doctor's orders no heavy lifting, including push-ups, pull-up, and sit-ups.  Light running only after a few weeks of R&R.

It hasn't been easy, he's anxious to get back and finish what he's started and I'm just so happy to have him home, although it was hard having someone home who couldn't really help with some of the household functions.  It's an odd adjustment, but now, as we are toward the end of the leave time, I feel like we did okay.  Between the two of us, and our families, we have been dealing with a lot of health issues, it's just been an odd new year.

My husband's recovery has been pretty typical and I have to say he's really be coping well with the whole, doing nothing all day thing.  I've done my best to try and keep his spirits up but again, being a newly married couple in such an odd state constant transition, it does take its toll.  Before he left, it takes time to prepare for the idea of being alone again, it's just emotionally odd.

It's very difficult being in transition.  Your home is your holding pattern, your job is your placeholder, and the life you try to create for yourself ends up feeling temporary.  It's hard to create meaningful moments and live in an expiring present.  In college, and Sex and the City, we call this "Expiration Dating" when it applies to relationships with a known end date.  I guess this is "Expiration Mating?"  I may need to work on that one...