Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 0 - Day 4

I did not get a phone call from my soldier yesterday, poor guy had a headache, but I did get a lovely text and this gem of a picture:

That's my husband.  He looks so severe to me, and I also got some pictures of his newly shaved head.  Ick, not my favorite.  He looks good in his fatigues though.  So proud.

I'm feeling kind of melancholy today.  I think maybe because this is our 2-month wedding anniversary.  Luckily, I don't have a lot on my agenda accept a much needed massage tonight.  Going to have to force myself to cook some kind of meal.  I should probably add "don't get take-out" all the time to my list of goals, but I'm trying to be moderately realistic here.

After yesterday's post I got two more great Christmas bucket list ideas which I am now going to add to the list:

13) Bake Christmas cookies
14) Go ice-skating. (including getting my ice skates sharpened)
15) Make a gingerbread house (more to come on this soon!)

I have some great things planned for the weekend so I'm excited about that.  I have also been very diligent in writing a letter every night.  I'm trying to keep Adam up on some of the shows we watch but certain shows are a little complicated to put on paper.  Maybe I should just print up a synopsis from somewhere on the Internet... cheating?

I also need to start writing my Christmas list to Santa.... I swear this gets harder every year.  As a kid, it was the easiest list to write in the world, heck, I could start it in July.  The only thing worse is trying to get my husband to give me a Christmas list.  I'm hoping to get a letter soon with some ideas!

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