Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 5 - Day 1

This rainy Monday is very apt in reflecting my current mood.  After two blissful weeks of holiday joy and having my soldier home with me, he left to continue his journey with basic training.  I got extremely lucky and even had an extra day with him due to a cancelled flight from weather, but the whole thing still feels like crap.  For lack of a better word.  In retrospect, I feel very blessed that the timing worked as such that I even got to see him in the middle of his training.  Typically, he would go straight through for 10+ weeks, so I'm so happy I got this time with him.

It was hard saying goodbye, we eased back in to our life so quickly, our separation almost felt like a dream.  Now, our time together feels a bit imaginary... 

It's so icky this morning, I'm very cranky.  To add fuel to this, last night at midnight-thirty, the fire alarms went off in my building prompting me to have to get out of bed, and wait outside in the drizzling, disgusting rain, until the fire department showed up to alert us that it was, in fact, a false alarm.  Which means there was probably some flooding due to the rain on top of snow.  This is the second time since we moved in to this building that this has happened.  Sucks.  Especially for someone who is now having a little bit of a harder time sleeping.

I feel like this half of the time apart will be the most difficult since it's longer and I don't have the holidays to distract me.  No fun holiday bucket list of joyful things... just the looming responsibility of having to take down all of my Christmas decorations, plus, I have to finish changing my name, get a military ID.  Ugh, so much ick.  I'm pretty terrified of my mail 

On the positive side of distractions, I have three auditions coming up, one for a prestigious choral group in my area and two for local musicals.  I'm excited and nervous, I have a lot of prep to do before these auditions.

Much to do... naps to take... *yawn*

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