Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Leave - Day 7

Merry Merry Merry to you all!!  December 26 can be such a depressing day, a beautiful month of days filled with preparation and shopping and cooking and joy, leading up to one spectacular day, and then... no more Christmas carols, no more presents... except... I enjoy the whole 12 days of Christmas mentality.  Christmas isn't over until New Years Day.  This is the great thing about having more than one family, Christmas keeps going and going.

Today is a bit of a bummer though, after a wonderful Christmas day, I endured a very sleepless night sweating out a 101.2 fever.  Yuck.  I think I may have disturbed my husband's sleep what with the shakes, sweats, and general restlessness.  Apparently I just had too much yuletide cheer.  So I'm a little cranky today, on this dreary, dreary post-Christmas day.

I'm wearing one of my Christmas presents, my sparkly, beautiful earrings from my husband.  I miss him today, but he needs a day alone to get some things done and hopefully play with some of his new toys.

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