Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 13 - Day 1

Hello everyone!! I am so excited I can barely type this blog post!  This time Wednesday I will be eating lunch with my husband!  In less than 48 hours I will be on a plane bound for the army fort.  I feel proud that I've made it this long without my hubby, not that I doubted that I would, but I took this time for myself.  And I feel that I've thrived.  I loved writing and receiving letters too, I will treasure those for the rest of my life.

Now, let's see how I did with my goals....

1) Work out, 2.0

I wish I could spell out a tongue raspberry, haha!  Although, again, another health issue sort of put a damper on this goal.  As it is, I need to talk to my doc, I'm probably getting close to when I can exercise again.  I'm kind of thinking it would be a lot more fun for my husband to train me when he gets home... 

2) Lose 8 lbs

As of this morning, I am 6 lbs down from where I was, so I'm giving myself a pat on the back for this.  As long I keep up my routine, I should reach this goal in a week!!!  Time to go shopping for some cute summer clothes!

3) Audition for local community theater

CHECK!  And actually, it was a professional theater and even though I didn't get anything it was a great audition in my opinion.  My definition of a great audition is coming out feeling confident, which rarely happens.

4) Get re-certified for CPR

CHECK! Done!  I'm good for two more years...

5) Do something new every week
I am pretty confident I have done this, from outings, to diet stuff, recipes, my bulb project, I haven't kept track that well, but the goal of this was to keep life interesting.  Success.
6) Finish book about Grandmother

This is the second raspberry... I did not keep my promise on this.  I need to get on this.

Tonight is a free night for me and I think it will include a manicure, packing, and catching up on some TV!

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