Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 9 - Day 1

One month from today my husband will be graduating from Basic Training!  I can't wait.  I got through February, and I was on my own for almost the whole month.  February actually went pretty quickly, which usually isn't the case.  I also bought my tickets for Family Day and Graduation, thank God for airline points otherwise I'd have been paying a pretty penny and had to deal with transfer flights.  Now I just need to find a hotel.

This weekend was a lot of fun.  Saturday was a family day to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  I got to see my brother and my adorable niece who is 4 months old.  It was so much fun to see her, she's at such a fun age.  My Dad cooked delicious chicken and we did the traditional birthday cake thing.  I got him Gravity on DVD which amazingly enough he hadn't already bought for himself.  We even got a chance to watch it on the big screen.

Sunday was meant to be a relaxing day, but unfortunately my evening was interrupted by yet another fire alarm for no reason... at 4am.  Ew.  I was so annoyed, the alarm is so loud, and obnoxious.  So far management hasn't told us what happened.  This is like the fourth or fifth time this has happened.  Nothing better than bonding with your neighbors at 4am in the freezing cold.  Needless to say, my sleep cycle was completely messed up and I slept in until noon.  Not what I wanted.

But, I managed to salvage part of the day and run my pre-storm errands.  Not that there was even any big storm.  But, I was well prepared with mini quiches and spanakopita.  You know, the essentials.  Of course mine were frozen not homemade.  I missed having my Mom in town for the Oscars, but thanks to social media I didn't feel like I was watching them completely alone.

Oscar food and drink
All in all, I thought they were really well done.  I don't remember them being as long as they were this year.  I actually watched them live, and they finished just a little bit after midnight.  Ellen did really well, although I agree with some of the reviewers that she played it a little safe.  Still, she was funny and charming.

I wish I had enough crazy movie friends to through an Oscar bash.  It would be exceedingly epic.  Complete with movie-themed cocktails and trendy finger-foods.

A little March madness theme for my office to leave you with, let's get rid of those snowmen already!

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