Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 9 - Day 2

Happy Fasnacht!  In Pennsylvania Dutch that means Mardis Gras and Fat Tuesday.  So I began my day by abandoning my health breakfast of Greek yogurt or egg whites and indulging in a little FAT:

One doughnut is acceptable, Two doughnuts are FAT
I know. You totally want one right now.  The one on the left is Boston Creme and the other one is your run of the mill chocolate glazed with sprinkles doughnut.  I'm considering giving up chocolate for Lent so today is the day to get in the good stuff before the fast.  The fast on Ash Wednesday makes a lot more sense if you really do pig out the day before.  Although all of my healthy impulses are screaming for me to eat a salad.

I didn't realize that "Fasnacht" was actually a Pennsylvania Dutch thing.  Although, we just called it Fat Tuesday in my house.  In Italian I guess it's Martedí Grasso?  We never called it that growing up.  Apparently the history of why people used to indulge in fattening food was because in olden days people needed to use up their milk, eggs, and butter since they couldn't eat that stuff during Lent.  No eggs during Lent?  That would be hard for me...

I read an article today about things to give up for Lent that aren't necessarily obvious vices but things to give up in the spirits of self improvement and penance.  Examples of things to give up are: stress, impatience, swearing, gossip, etc... to work towards being more Christ-like.  While I get a little uncomfortable citing Jesus as a role model... sorry it just feel disingenuous... some of my favorite parts of Catholicism do focus on being kind and merciful.  I could use a little more kindness in my ever-so-cynical life.

So while I'm still in favor of giving up an obvious vice, like sugar or alcohol (yes I gave that up one year, until I broke it, I was on vacation it was a dumb idea to begin with), I like the idea of giving up some of my personality vices, certainly stress makes sense, and swearing, and dishonesty.  I think those are honorable things to strive for all year, but like anything difficult, sometimes you need a kick start, something like Lent to help you get going.

Like Valentine's Day, do we need one day only to remind the people in our lives that we live them? No, but in our busy, crazy lives, sometimes we need a little push towards better life habits.

Now... on to eating my next doughnut...

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