Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 6 - Day 1

Good day, internet folks.  The husband has trekked back to army life and thus my life as a solo married lady blog personality may continue.  Yay?  Wait, sorry, that was a little lugubrious, let's try that again... YAY!  That level of enthusiasm is so hard to commit to on a Monday morning after my moping weekend.  This has now become a tradition, every time my soldier leaves. and has been on a Friday or Saturday, I have spent the rest of that weekend moping in my own special ways.  Moping includes:

1) Bad food decision, such as eating Nutella out of the jar for dinner
2) Computer/iPad game binges (my new one is Fruit Ninja)
3) Sappy mini series experiences that my husband would never watch (currently watching Parade's End)
4) Bag lady clothing attire
5) Cloistering myself in the apartment (I didn't even leave to get Girl Scout cookies, that was a tough commitment, but I will be attempting this later this month)

So, yeah, I allow myself this kind of anti-social and "poor me" behavior for that duration and then... done.  Not too say that I won't be finishing Parade's End this week, because AH it's so good, highly recommend, but I will space out these activities and with them try to include some healthier lifestyle choices.  Going to work counts as one of those lucky for me!

On this week's agenda, I am going to be spending some girl time with my mom.  I'm excited to spend the first few days of my "alone time" with family.  It helps ease the transition into being alone.

I want to make some new goals for myself in this second phase... we shall see.

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