Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 6 - Day 2

My morning began... after a frigid walk to the train in teen temperatures... with a perfect cup of coffee.  Perfect temperature, perfect cream to coffee ratio, perfect.  I find Tuesdays worse than Mondays so this was a nice start to the day.

I did something a bit impulsive yesterday, I submitted myself for a musical theater program based in Germany.  I'm now scheduled for an audition.  I really don't know how I get myself in to these things... the best part is the audition is the same day as a long choral rehearsal.  My logic is that after singing for several hours I will be super warmed up.  Oh and I have a concert the next day.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am a crazy girl.

With such a lovely start to the day, it would seem only karmatically appropriate, if you'll excuse the non-word, that the end of my day went critically awry.  My car got stuck in my Mom's driveway.  Yes.  Stuck in a patch of black ice rendering it impossible for me to go to a doctor's appointment.  (I'm vitamin B-12 deficient and have to start getting shots of it, yippee!)  After some rather comedic antics trying to get the car out, we called AAA.

An incredible kind man showed up with his giant tow trucked and towed me out perfectly.  He was so jovial about it and was so genuinely patient.  I was envious at his calm under the situation; his behavior was so contagious that my Mom and I were both smiling at the end of our speed bump.

I want to be more like that guy.  I want to be contagiously kind and patient.

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