Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 7 - Day 1

Are we tired of the snow yet?  I'm not!  I love Winter.  I love snow and sledding (when I get the opportunity), and watching ice skating, and hot chocolate, roaring fires, chunky sweaters, and those brief shining moments during the day when I'm not completely overheated.  I like wintertime because of all the wonderful holidays, getting to look forward to Superbowl and all the award shows.  I know most people love summer more that anything, but in the Winter, I love that most bugs are sleeping or dead, pollen is not plaguing my sinuses, humidity is not ruining my hair and skin, and I'm not in a perpetual state of sweaty ick.

Plus, in the summer most of my favorite comfort foods like beef stew, lasagna, mac and cheese, pot roast, all feel too heavy to eat when it's warm outside.  Plus, I hate that my electric bill goes up during the warmer months because I require an Eskimo chilled home.  Not to mention when it does snow, I get SNOW DAYS!  You just don't get that in the summer...

After Valentine's Day the weekend was pretty quiet.  Saturday I had a lot of stuff to catch up on and managed to get all of my outside errands done before we got more snow and wintry mix.  It's always preferred to be safe and cozy in your house watching the snow.

Sunday was much of the same, with slightly less ambition.  The roads were cleared up, luckily, before I went over to my Mom's for some delicious bouillabaisse.  It was supposed to be a "family Sunday dinner" of sorts, but it ended up just being me.  No complaints!

I also got a lot of texts from my husband during the evenings which was so comforting and yet teasing.  He is still in limbo pretty much doing scut work until he gets assigned to a proper unit.  He will (hopefully) get the all clear from the surgeon on Wednesday and hopefully not have to repeat too much of his training since he's been made to wait.  I wish he could have spent this limbo time with me instead of being cooped up.

On this sunny Monday, I'm very much wishing that my company had President's Day off.  However, my drive in to work this morning was delightfully quick.  No traffic.

Flower puppy from my Dad!

My Valentine's Day


My Valentine orchid from my husband

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