Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 7 - Day 3

I'm dubbing this Wednesday and maybe every other Wednesday depending on my mood as Grumpday.  In lieu of Humpday.  I'm just....eowifhserfjlk today and I just feel like we've gotten to that special place where I can confide in you.

On this fine Grumpday, I am grumpy about traffic and people in this traffic.  I drove to work this morning, actually it's been more frequently lately because I've had doctor's appointments and rehearsals that make taking public transport difficult.  So I drive.

And on this seemingly auspicious day, it took me an extra 20 minutes to stop and get coffee this morning.  The Wawa I go to requires I make a left turn which is always really packed.  No worries, I went, I waited, I was patiently listening to my favorite radio show, and I made it there in one piece.  This particular Wawa parking lot, suffice to say was not designed by an engineer.  It's so clumsy and cramped and very difficult to maneuver during rush hour times.

Low and behold, I found an empty parking space right in the front and as I sped towards it, my heart filled with hope, I see an open car door spot-blocking me.  Okay, surely this person was just getting out of their car, mindfully aware someone was trying to park in the spot next to them.  Wrong.  A young-ish woman getting out, head cocked to the side, trying to walk in a straight line (and failing) balancing a smart phone between her shoulder and ear, talking into it loudly.  Talking on it, completely unaware and uncaring as I patiently waited for her to allow me to park.

Strike one.

I park, speedily grab my own coffee, drink, and breakfast sandwich, all the while hearing her completely insipid conversation which probably could have waited 5 minutes to have.

Strike two

I'm free!  I'm out of the Wawa, perfectly creamed coffee in hand, trying to figure out the best exit strategy.  Another perk of a poorly designed parking lot is a borderline dangerous exit.  Myself and another car are waiting at a light for our turn to go.  Gradually I see the left lane (my lane that I need to turn left and merge left again) piling up with a line of cars.

Green light, the car pulls into the intersection nearly blocking the box.  The middle lane (which is a go straight/turn left lane also) is free, but with that line of cars in the left lane, it doesn't seem safe for me to take that option.  I see a little movement in the left lane so I attempt go only to see my light flash yellow and red.  Shit.  And there is an idiot behind me who also decided to go and is now honking at me to move somewhere.  Except, I can't because I'm almost blocking the intersection.

Since I can't backup because the person behind me is a moron, I am forced to travel the middle lane which puts me in a terrible position to try and get into my lane.  I then see the jerk behind me passing me on the right, because turns out she could have probably gone AROUND ME to get into her lane.  Sure enough, glaring out her window, suddenly not on the phone is my best friend.  The obnoxious, oblivious phone talker.


I am calling on Karma.... please assist.  That is all.  I leave you with a funny meme.

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