Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Medical Leave - Day 27

Hello? Internet? Yes, I'm still here.  Sorry for the little break, but it doesn't seem very necessary to blog about your husband being away, when he is, in fact, nearby in the next room.  My solider has been on medical leave from basic training after having his appendix removed not three days after leaving for part 2.  The procedure was easy, laparoscopic, no complications, but as a result he has not been able to do a whole lot since returning home. Per doctor's orders no heavy lifting, including push-ups, pull-up, and sit-ups.  Light running only after a few weeks of R&R.

It hasn't been easy, he's anxious to get back and finish what he's started and I'm just so happy to have him home, although it was hard having someone home who couldn't really help with some of the household functions.  It's an odd adjustment, but now, as we are toward the end of the leave time, I feel like we did okay.  Between the two of us, and our families, we have been dealing with a lot of health issues, it's just been an odd new year.

My husband's recovery has been pretty typical and I have to say he's really be coping well with the whole, doing nothing all day thing.  I've done my best to try and keep his spirits up but again, being a newly married couple in such an odd state constant transition, it does take its toll.  Before he left, it takes time to prepare for the idea of being alone again, it's just emotionally odd.

It's very difficult being in transition.  Your home is your holding pattern, your job is your placeholder, and the life you try to create for yourself ends up feeling temporary.  It's hard to create meaningful moments and live in an expiring present.  In college, and Sex and the City, we call this "Expiration Dating" when it applies to relationships with a known end date.  I guess this is "Expiration Mating?"  I may need to work on that one...

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