Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 6 - Day 5

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I'm sure many of you have some varied opinions on this holiday, both good and bad.  I would like to share some of my thoughts about why I have always, in times of heartbreak and heart full, enjoyed Valentine's Day.

First and foremost, I truly believe and try to exude the idea that Valentine's Day is a sort of alternate Thanksgiving, only more specific to being thankful for the people in our lives who love us.  I don't mean spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, crushes, exclusively, but also friends, family, mentors, all of those people who you may not share a romantic meal and red roses with, but who are every bit as deserving to know that you love them and they are important in your life.

In today's world where communicating is active yet some how cheapened in it's deliveries, I think Valentine's Day is needed as a reminder to remind those in your life that they make your life meaningful.  That's what all holidays should really be about in mind my.  Celebrating life and love.  In a world where we are all so busy trying to tread water, February 14th should be the day that you call your parents and say you love them, call a friend you haven't spoken to in years and tell them you miss the wonderful times your shared.  Should this behavior be restricted for one day, no, but sometimes our priorities get a little shifted in the chaos in life.  It's nice to have a day to kick start a year of good habits.

Finally, as a girl who won't be spending Valentine's Day with the love of her life, I plan to indulge in a little single girl behavior.  I will be spending the evening cuddled with my blankets, drinking wine, eating chocolates, and watching romantic movies.  I'm not bummed about it, I'm kind of excited.  I celebrated my couples version Valentine's with my husband back in January, and I haven't had a single girl Valentine's day in awhile.  Now anyone single here reading this might be annoyed with me but as someone who is a hopeless romantic, there is something wonderful about fantasizing about your next crush or imaginary romantic interludes with your favorite literary characters.  Valentine's Day for the single girl (or boy) should be a day to dream and maybe a day to be a little bolder about asking out someone you like.

It looks like the "surprise" my husband says he sent was delayed due to weather, but I did enjoy some surprises on the day:

Yummy chocolates
From my Dad!

Wine, chocolates, and Parade's End = Awesome Valentine's Day

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