Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Leave - Day 5

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!  Today I am competing for the worst wife ever, award.  My poor husband is driving two hours to get his own birthday cake, which we forgot about yesterday.  I wish I didn't have to work today so I could help!  We left the cake at the church where we performed in a Christmas concert yesterday, which is almost two hours away from our house... the thing is I KNEW we'd forget about it.  And in the bustle and joy of yesterday, we did.

I'm being remiss, it's been awhile and I haven't given you a proper update.  My sneaky soldier SURPRISED me on Thursday, coming home a day early.  I came home from a long day of work, fully prepared to get a manicure and bake some cookies, when to my surprise, my husband was HOME!  It was the best surprise a girl could ask for, almost as good as him surprising me a year ago with an engagement ring.  He was all dressed in his uniform and it was amazing to have him home.

It took about a day for us both to acclimate to him being home again, which I think it normal, we both had settled in to a new routine.  Eventually, we got back in to our own groove I am completely content.  We had an amazing weekend, we saw The Hobbit, had dinner, saw A Christmas Carol, walked around Reading Terminal Market, and went to NYC to catch up with our music family and sang in an amazing Christmas concert.

Today is my last day of work, sort of, before two glorious days off for Christmas.

And I fell crappy that my husband, who has Christmas shopping to do, is driving in this crappy weather... grrr.

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