Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week 3 - Day 4

Well kids, I skipped a blogging day.  Waddaya gonna do about it?  Hmm?  I thought I'd spare you the boredom of trying to come up with something witty about the series of events: woke-up, freezing, work, freezing, home, dinner, Top Chef, bed.  I know you're disappointed in missing out on the chaos that is my life.  The only thing of note that happened was I missed a phone call from my husband that I was supposed to get this morning, which I sort of did, if you count a 1 minute phone call asking me to confirm his travel arrangements.  It was incredibly formal and annoying.

Today I am tasked with baking cupcakes for our office party tomorrow.  The tricky part is timing my baking since I have a doctor's appointment right smack in the middle of the baking time.  I ended up baking the cupcakes before I left for the doctors and making the icing afterwards.  Unfortunately I completely forgot that I hadn't moved my car in several days and the de-icing task made me 20 minutes late for my appointment.

This was the only thing that went right today:

I hope these taste as delicious as they look because these may be the most perfect cupcakes I have ever baked.  These are for my office party tomorrow, I will let you know what the verdict is, but, they almost don't look homemade, so we'll see!

This has been sort of a hellish week for things going wrong, I lost my only pair of glasses and my December train pass which is too expensive to replace mid-month.

And then today, when trying to shlep five heavy bags of groceries (the majority of them filled with unsalted butter haha), and because my door is annoying and I can't open it with one hand, nor does the door stay open, when opened, and as a result, my Christmas ball wreath fell off the hook and crashed to the ground breaking 1/3 of the ornaments.

So after picking up the shards of Christmas spirit, I now have to figure out how I'm going to fix this darn thing.  Luckily most of the balls that broke, broke cleaning off, but some of them still have hot glued shards still suck on the wreath.  I have to get those off before I can add new ones.

Tomorrow needs to be better, Friday the 13th or not.

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