Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 2 - Day 2

Nothing like kicking off a Tuesday with some fun stuff!  I officially have New Years Eve plans!!  I got two tickets for us to attend a Black Tie optional party in Philly which is only a couple of block from where I work.  So, I can store the car in a garage nearby, have a place to get ready, and a short walk!  (Since I will be working New Years Eve).  I'm very excited.  I hope my husband will be excited too.

I have also rented a fabulous sequin dress for the occasion.  Since the site I use Rent the Runway, extended their Black Friday sale, I saved $10 on shipping and got 20% off.  Woooo!  Not too bad Tuesday, not too bad.  Hopefully I will be able to drink alcohol by that point, pending an okay by the doctor.  Otherwise, that's a lot of expensive soft drinks I just bought.

New Years has always been special for us.  When we started dating, our first New Years was spent together attending a friend's party.  We had only been dating, sheesh, 2 months, I thought it was longer, but yes, two months, and since my roommate at the time was away for that weekend.  New Years Eve that year was on a Thursday, making New Years Day a Friday, and thus leaving the rest of the weekend.  My husband was actually supposed to work New Years Eve but he got out of it so he could spend it with me.  We had the entire weekend to ourselves playing house, cooking pork New Years Day (it's good luck) for our hungover house guests, and just being delightfully domestic.

When he had to leave, it was one of the hardest times for us.  I remember wanting him to stay forever, knowing even then, that I didn't want to be apart, I wanted to live together, and be together as long as possible.  Luckily for me I got my wish.  I think on that time and how hard it was to be apart during the early times of our relationship, back and forth, him living over an hour away, and how much it made our time together that much more amazing.  I know that when he comes home, those 2 weeks we have together will be like a second honeymoon, and for that I'm grateful and excited.

Tonight was an evening of pizza, watching The Biggest Loser, and enjoying not having a headache.  It's the simple things in life... oh, and getting my Christmas card OUT in the mail!  I'm an early bird with those, I know.  All in all a satisfying day.  No word from the army yet, hopefully soon.

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