Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 1 - Day 7

Hard to believe two weeks ago I was getting ready to say goodbye to my husband and start a stint of "single life." (Single life without dating that is of course!)  I won't say it's gone fast in it's entirety but it hasn't been completely miserable.  I have been enjoying my family and friends and a little bit of time to get to know myself again.

In Army news, no mail or contact from the solider man since Thanksgiving.  I am supposed to be getting a few letters soon as well as a letter from the army telling me where to send my 100,000 letters that I've been writing.

The Friday after Thanksgiving I attended my annual tree lighting ceremony in Btown with my Dad.  We have started this new tradition where, the day after Thanksgiving, we decorate his apartment Christmas tree and go to the tree lighting.  It's pretty fun, it's a great way to kick off the season.

We also walked around the town and went in to a few shops, looked at some holiday ornaments, and in general enjoyed the merriment of the impending season.

I can't believe it's December already, unfortunately I'm experiencing my first bought of married person missing items.  I can't find my advent calendar and I know that Adam knows where it is.  I was hoping to find it before the work week started but alas.  I did spend the weekend decorating and cleaning though.  I don't have my tree yet, that's coming next weekend, as in this coming weekend, but I think the place looks great!

My mantle!

I added these ribbons to my cabinet for impending Christmas cards
 I also made my first ever ornament wreath this year.  Total DIY arts n' crafts project which I had a blast doing.  Luckily, I have the best dad ever who gave me leftover Christmas ball ornaments that he doesn't use so I had a great place to start.  Using this tutorial from LiveLoveDIY I ended up with....

Before balls...

Tiny balls...

After LOTS of hot glue...

Woo-hoo, it's a wreath!
I think it looks pretty spectacular myself.  My Mom helped add a wire to the back to hang it (I didn't use the wreath holder from the tutorial).  

Oh also this weekend I started stuffing my holiday cards and finished up a few remaining wedding thank you notes.  I think I'm finally done with most of my post wedding stuff, minus the whole name changing thing.  Unfortunately, I can't finish that until my husband sends my documents back.  *Sigh*

All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well here!

1) Get a Christmas Tree - going 12/7
2) Decorate mantel shelf
3) Go see the Nutcracker Ballet - going 12/8
4) Attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
5) See the Macy's Center Light Show and the Comcast Holiday Spectacular
6) Visit the Holiday Garden Railway at Morris Arboretum - planning this with my Dad
7) See A Christmas Carol at Walnut Street Theater (I bought tickets for Adam and I 12/21, shh don't tell him it's a surprise!!)
8) Make a Christmas ornament wreath 

9) Sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate
10) Sing Christmas Carols - Singing in a holiday concert (with my husband) on 12/22
11) Volunteer and donate
12) Finish my Christmas shopping/wrapping before Adam gets home

13) Bake Christmas cookies - in two weeks!
14) Go ice-skating. (including getting my ice skates sharpened)
15) Make a gingerbread house - 12/14 :-)

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