Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 2 - Day 1

Ugh, Monday. Ugh headache inducing medication.  Ugh, not allowed to take Advil.  UGH!  I'm convinced there is a minion behind my eye poking my eyeball with a tiny sledgehammer.  Not a cute yellow, twinkie shaped minion, probably green, scaly, and mean.  According to spell check, the word "twinkie" doesn't exist.  Ugh.

Behold the highlight of my day:

Office cube decorations

My head got progressively worse and worse, until I could finally stop staring at a computer screen and hawl my butt home.  I then proceeded to fall asleep on the train and miss my stop.  Awesome.  Once I got home my bags dropped on the floor landing where they would and I got in to a nice bath and took a 3 hour nap, waking up to a much better state of mind.

I stuffed a few more Christmas cards before calling it a night.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep...

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