Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 3 - Day 2

It's the kind of morning you wake up and it's still dark, even though it's past the point where the sun came up.  You're burritoed tightly in your bed, with sheets, blankets, comforters, all mashed together in a chaotic dance around you, keeping you ideally warm, but not hot.  The dent in the pillow molds perfectly to your head which is heavier than normal.  You turn sideways glancing out  the window, praying for a snowpocalypse that will prevent you from having to move.  At which point you see the alarm clock out of the corner of you eye which you know will go off in 3...2...1... snooze.  It's definitely a pants and sweater day.

Then you get to work and are greeted with FREE SOFT PRETZELS and COFFEE!!!  Win!  And that meeting you thought you'd be late for because you had to take the later train because your bed was so alluring?  It's not for another hour, woohoo!  The trains were so sparse this morning, our offices were definitely open, but I can't imagine.

And then.... we are closing early today because of the snow!!!!!!!!!  WHAT A TREAT!  I came home to powdered sugar trees and after a lot of digging in our storage closet (hopefully my husband is up to the task of putting his army organizing info to the test because it got a little crazy in there) I found my advent calendar!

It was fun putting up all the back-dated numbers, but this is the only one I care about these days:

10 days to go... 

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