Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 4 - Day 3

One week until Christmas.... 2 days until my soldier comes home... and I just found out today that I don't have to work Christmas Eve!!!  This is just a great day, despite the fact that it started off with a doctor's appointment.  If you remember I was in the ER for a gastro issue, I won't bore you with the intimate details of my bowels, but the general verdict is... I need more tests for any kind of diagnosis.  Surprise surprise, blood work and an MRI in a month or so.  So that's that, the other good news is that I can resume a normal diet.  Bring on the salads, chocolate, whole wheat, and alcohol!  Haha.

Also, I finished my continuing education EMS credits today woohoo!!!  Getting my license back.  It's so funny, I've been a certified EMT for.... wow, almost 7 years, is that possible?  Wow, yeah, since my junior year of college.  I've held certifications in three states at various points, and I only really practiced as an EMT for 2 years?  Barely.  I've never worked on a truck, but I still feel my skills, I feel confident in my knowledge.  I hope one day I will be able to use those skills for work again, I miss the feeling of helping.

Today was a little crazy, I drove to work because of the doctor's appointment so I drove home from work and ran a bunch of errands, Michael's for some last minute wrapping stuff, and New York & Company to make an exchange.  I was running through the mall to make my hair appointment on time, which I wasn't.

It's so nice to spend some quiet time getting your hair cut, it looks to much better now, it was looking a little scraggly.  When I finished my hair appointment, I ran over to get some candy for the gingerbread house, and look!!

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