Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 3 - Day 5

7 days until my husband comes home, well, technically it's more like 6.5 since he's coming home in the morning, but still.  It's so soon!!

Welp, so far this day hasn't improved.  As of this morning the gingerbread making class that was supposed to take place tomorrow is cancelled "due to inclement weather" aka 1 BLOODY INCH OF SNOW!  I'm so ticked off!  Oh but it's rescheduled for next weekend, which I can't do.  Uggggghhhh.  Which means I'm going to have to bake my own damn gingerbread house.  Time to raid the candy store for roof shingles.

Today was our department office holiday party, for which I baked delicious cupcakes.  There was a ton of food, my goodness!  I squirreled away one of my own cupcakes so I could taste my handiwork.  I'm happy to report that I am a cupcake master!  I have to say, I think the secret to amazing baking creations is patience, monitoring the cooking time, and knowing your oven.  And the key to amazing frosting?  A KitchenAid standing mixer.  I'm so thankful I got one for our wedding, it's my new favorite thing.

Office party food

The best cupcakes
Tonight I am going to see my Mom play with her band (concert band not rock band) for a Christmas concert.  My Mom, for those of you who don't know, plays the flute.  She's very talented, both my parents play/ed multiple musical instruments.  No surprise I turned out musical myself.  I miss my time playing in a concert band and a jazz band.  I used to play the trumpet in high school and college and I was pretty decent at it.  Once in awhile I'll pull my horn out and honk a few notes out.  All the calluses in my mouth are gone though so it's pretty shaky.

I think playing a brass instrument messes with the voice too, because of all the tension and movement needed with the tongue.  Once I stopped playing, my voice improvement significantly.  Could also be because I had more time to devote...

1) Get a Christmas Tree
2) Decorate mantel shelf
3) Go see the Nutcracker Ballet
4) Attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
5) See the Macy's Center Light Show and the Comcast Holiday Spectacular
6) Visit the Holiday Garden Railway at Morris Arboretum
7) See A Christmas Carol at Walnut Street Theater (I bought tickets for us 12/21, shh don't tell him it's a surprise!!)
8) Make a Christmas ornament wreath 

9) Sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate
10) Sing Christmas Carols - Singing in a holiday concert (with my husband) on 12/22
11) Volunteer and donate - donated a toy for tot - volunteering 12/16 with MANNA
12) Finish my Christmas shopping/wrapping before husband gets home

13) Bake Christmas cookies - this weekend!
14) Go ice-skating (including getting my ice skates sharpened)
15) Make a gingerbread house - TBD.... curse you snow!!!!

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