Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week 3 - Day 6

I got an early start today, out the door by 9:30 am pre-snow, filled the car up with gas, got some holiday stuff at Michael's, last minute cookie ingredients, and the liquor store for some Christmas gifts.  I love the mini liquor bottles for stocking stuffers, shh don't tell!  Michael's was having a huge sale, I got some great wrapping stuff for not a lot of money.  It was great, I am pretty much done my Christmas shopping.  Just a few more little things.

I was so happy to get a bunch of Christmas cards this week, thank you all so much. My card ribbons are getting filled up I may need to put up another one.  I love getting Christmas cards in the mail.

I'm sad my class was cancelled since there was no snow in the morning, but I had a great day.  It was cookie baking central in my apartment.  Starting with my family recipe of Butter Cookies.  I tried out my cookie press and it worked really well for me.  I think they turned out really nice.

Gingerbread was next, I cut out all of the house shapes first and then cut them into the gingerbread using my pastry cutter.  I'm not convinced the butter-cream I had leftover will hold up the house enough, but I guess we will see...

Butter cookies

Gingerbread house pieces

Gingerbread cutouts

Gingerbread house (before it fell apart)

After the baking frenzy, I started getting ready to drive to my Mom's house for dinner, at that point the snow wasn't coming down that hard yet, just a light dusting.  Luckily, my Mom convinced me to pack a bag and come over asap.  Thank goodness I did, even leaving then the drive was treacherous, halfway there I wanted to turn around the roads and weather conditions were so bad.  Visibility was bad and I had to go 20 miles an hour the entire way.  It was pretty scary.  But, I kept my head, stuck to major roads, and made it to my Mom's safety.  Someone was looking out for me, I have never been so happy to arrive at a destination.

I ended up staying the night which was fun, we had pot roast, tree decorating, and a Christmas movie.  Nice and snugly while it was cold and wintry outside.

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